Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just some updated pictures

Monday, April 11, 2011


Wow! I just realized it has been October since the last time I blogged! Ill update you on things that happened monthly!

November: We had a really good thanksgiving. The week before Thanksgiving, Leslie and I were sitting on the couch bored one night..I looked @ her and told her we should go get her another tattoo! Well of course, if you know my girlfriend, then you know she was down for it! On the way there and @ the tatto shop I was talking about how I wanted my tongue pierced..Leslie was cool with it so after her tatt I had my tongue done! lmao! It didnt hurt as bad as I thought it would. I didnt even think about the fact that Thanksgiving was a week away and my tongue would be swollen and hurting like hell!  here is a picture of the tatt leslie got done that night..

Rainbow Tribal

December: Leslie and I, along with her extended family went to Pigeon Forge for 2 was BEAUTIFUL!! I had never been. it was a great experience and so happy I could experience the beauty with such an amazing person, Leslie. I got to meet her friends that she went to HS with..that was pretty cool! It was really cool getting to spend time with all her cousins and get to know them better! The cabin we stayed in was HUGE! It was sooo pretty. The first night we got there we all went out in 30 degree weather and got in the hot tub! I guess the beer kept everyone warm :)

Half of the Game Room!! Lots of hours spent in there!

Headed to PG

...We had an awesome Christmas! that was the best Christmas of my life! Leslie spoiled me soo much! It was amazing. It was our first Christmas in our own place! We were truely blessed this Christmas!

January: Well it sucked..our lease was up on the house we were staying in so we decided to move. We are now living in Northport and like the location alot. I just wish we could have moved the house with us to the location we are in. We both really miss the house! I cant really remember what else significant happened that month?! ..sorry if Im forgetting something!

February: We were still getting settled into the new house! My brother proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years! and thats about it.

March: REALLY fun month!! On the 10th the sweetest baby girl was born!! Turner McCartney! I LOVE that sweet baby! She has brought so much joy just to me! I cant imagine how much excitement and joy Brittany and JP feel! Ill post some cute pictures of her! Some are the ones her mom sent to me and some are the ones I took...

Her mom sent me this and said "she misses you"...looks like ill be going to see my buddy ASAP!

Sound Asleep! She loves me!

One Month OLD!  Time flies!!

Shes precious!!!!!

On the 15th was mine and Leslie's 5 year anniversary!! This is the sweet comment she posted on my facebook wall! I <3 her so much.. "‎5 years ago today we started dating and began this amazing partnership.We have had our up's and down's,but my love for you has never changed.I love you so much and have been blessed to have you for 5 years.Here is to the next 5...I love you!"

Well Nothing else has really happened thats exciting that I can think of. Ill blog again soon!!