Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have inflicted ENOUGH pain upon myself for now

I have had such an amazing, painful, weekend! on Saturday I woke up feeling like it would be a fun day to get a tattoo. My first tat i might add! I had been debating for a while on getting one for many reason. A. Im a pansy and I knew it was going to hurt, and B. I didnt know what exactly I would want. I decided a few months ago what I wanted so I just had to work up the courage to do it. I texted Leslie and told her about my idea. Here is how the conversation went:

                             Pansy Girlfriend:"hey babe, I want to go get a tat"
                              BadAss: "Thats funny you said that because I want to go get my star tats tonight"
Pansy Girlfriend: "ok, can we go?"
BadAss:"yeah babe"

Once I figured out that we were going I texted my bestie, Jessica, and toldher I wanted to go get my first tat. She asked me who was going and I said Leslie and YOU! so she didn't have an option! So her and her boo decided to get their tats also! The tat guy made bank off of all of us last night! I will post pictures of all the tats!

Today I decided to go get an At home eye brow waxing kit (as if i havent caused myself enough pain getting a tattoo) and wax my own eyebrows! Suprisingly they turned out really good!

I'm about to go spend the rest of the day with my boo and maybe go for a bike ride! HECK YEAH!

My tattoo!

Leslie's Star Tats on both shoulders

Jess & Jenny Lock and Key..Jess (lock) Jenny(key)