Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Settle for a Slowdown

Well my week days are starting to run together...I left the hospital last night around 1030 and went home and cleaned the house, started some laundry, and watched the best show ever: The Golden Girls! :0) I finally went to bed around 130 b/c i was so exhausted. The dreams I had, I should have just stayed awake. I dreamed Leslie broke up with me. I hope I NEVER experience the pain I felt during my dream! It was terrible. I woke up around 10 this morning and got dressed and dropped knuckle head off at Leslie's mothers house: aka, the dogsitters! She has a peek-a-poo named Chase, so they play great together. They are like Bonnie and Clyde!

Anyways, so I finally get out to the hospital and Leslie had already left for her CT of her abdomen to check out the hernia I mentioned in my previous blog. It has been over 4 hours and we still haven't gotten the results..go figure! This hospital she is at is TERRIBLE!! They are the slowest people in the world! Don't go there if you are in need of immediate attention! :/ Anyways, The Hospitalist came in around lunch time and said if the CT wasnt bad that she could go home today (its not looking like she is going home since its getting late) I am starting to HATE sleeping alone in our king size bed...and well Baylee hates it too! Enough blogging for today! Have a GREAT day and God Bless!

 <3, Brittni

These are pictures of Leslies before and after her procedure yesterday:

Notice the difference?